Saturday, June 03, 2017

Test Stickler

So you're confident that you have the experience to work in the hothouse, a good knowledge of the road rules, skill in drawing circles. There's one other thing we've not considered, the test. Considering the number of tests I've sat for various jobs and shortlists, how could I forget?

A test on the day, apart from running the risk of making the candidate unduly nervous, can help verify the details of the resume. A test on whether you can grow gardenias, is liable to examine knowledge, experience and skill. Time constraints may require you to convey during interview or in writing, your claims as the company or screening agent don't have the time or facilities for you to demonstrate. This method of testing also explains why geography students aren't sent out on rickety homemade rafts to show how they can plot their course and reach their destination.
One should be wary of a sole reliance on the written; being asked to write an essay on dimming your lights could be as much about testing your essay writing as it is your grasp of when and where to dim your lights. If you're an English major it will be one, a prospective driving instructor the other.

Perhaps this is a bad example as a driver accreditation authority is more likely to ask you to either list on the spot or jot down, the essay form is redundant. Thinking of correct layout wastes time when there is so much other practical testing to do.

It would be wise to test a manufacturer of brass buttons on the lathe before giving them the job. Being able to sell shaving soap does rely on knowing how it differs from shaving cream. Or why do it?
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