Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lousy with architects, covered with carpenters, and as for production supervisors...

I'm a little suspicious of the list if only because engineers popping up on every list is getting confusing and computer software engineers appear to be on the easiest and hardest to fill positions which, come to think of it, is as counter-intuitive as their codes.

I wonder if I was unconsciously giving the situation with assembly workers and tellers both, a Marxist reading. The measurement concerns how quickly an architect can be found so it actually speaks to consumer choice as the buyer or builder gets the style of architecture they want. This is capitalism in all its glory but it doesn't necessarily follow that all architects are idle when not on assignment nor that carpenters twiddle their thumbs if they're not up on some roof.

I am surprised that pilots were so plentiful, not because there aren't a range of aircraft to fly but just the specialist skills required.

Their status defuses any remark about the various clerks who vie for positions in this laissez faire ground.

Image result for "architects"and let's hope some of those software engineers headed to Australia where the role became hard to fill.


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