Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Being so grimly determined to avoid mention of our political situation, I haven't updated you on our recent changes at senior levels in Australia. To whit, our new New South Wales governor(General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd)) and Australian governor-general (General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)). Sure they're boring Liberal government appointments; military men instead of scholarly women but nonetheless..

And Victoria has a new (Labor) premier. I can't make a pun out of Daniel Andrews I'm afraid.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A's is

The existence of non government organisations set up to help specific communities suggests at once that there is a caring element within that society that recognises a need and is prepared to act on it. It also indicates that there is some shortfall; either in the targeted group or the way they are treated.

Is the Ashaafi Foundation to be championed for assisting the sialkot and other communities in Pakistan? Indubitably but it begs the question as to why they are 'behind the eightball' in the first place. Ashah Razyn Foundation in its brief acknowedges the poverty and disadvantage in Uganda so, despite its official imprimatur, why does this state of affairs exist?

Asia, yes, has a beef about illicit substances. Then there is Asia Comprehensive Development Institute, Asia Crime Prevention Foundation, Asia Pacific Group International, Asian Environmental Society and Asian Women's Human Rights Council.

Auksano is set up to provide long-term therapy and support to victims of destructive subcultures and their families. This may be a sneaky way of also attacking drug-taking but is different enough to gain a mention.

Now, as much as I provide a global perspective for this blog, it does also do the Auscentric so here are the NGOs that lead off with our nationality

Yep, that's why this bunch of party poopers got special mention 

The issue of violence is again a feature of Autonomous Women's Center. Street kids are the focus of Avenir de l'Enfant. Aware Girls objective is to promote and protect the rights of young girls. Awareness Against Human Trafficking is self explanatory.

Ayady Al Khair Society tackles a defined range of issues in Libya.

Ayalau Association is 'striving for ideas of mercy and compassion in society'

Azerbaijan Tafakkur (Thinking) Youth Association has such an impressive charter for its youth that I can only direct you to their page.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Antsy and Anti

I listed all these organisations out because the Anti or Anti- themed NGO is defined in its opposition but shares this with several others stating that they are against corruption, slavery, violence, trafficking both human and substance, terrorism, undefined drugs, cigarettes and alcohol..

The fact that there are so many such groupings across the globe, yet the practices continue, may suggest that they are ineffective and/or misguided. Or it may be that, in their practical capacity - as inherited from the Red Cross - they are there to assist not to proselytise.

Anywhere that provides solace and refuge is to be welcomed, as long as we remain aware that there is a sliding scale of harm potential and that not all affiliations are steering toward the same goal.

To illustrate the point that the main brief of the outwardly anti continues through other organisations, consider Antigone, a Greek group that is an 'Information Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence'

Then there's Antispid that 'prevents STDs and drug addiction among MSM (sexual minorities)'. This is a little more specific than worrying about the general populace and their pill-popping proclivities.

Apne Aap Women Worldwide (A2W2) shows that much of the work of organisations opposing sex trafficking is directed by women, appropriately enough.

Arab organisations are also hung up on drugs. I mention just Arab Organization for Fighting Drugs and Brain Effects as I like that addition. Are they fighting brain effects not caused by drugs? Is this a translation issue?
But there's the Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity, Arab NGO Network for Development, Arab Organization for Human Rights, Arab Organization for International Cooperation and Arab Thought Forum. Any society that has room for such worthy pursuits is of value.

Arca de Noé Fundación Social y Formativa helps street kids and Arco Iris Foundation provides holistic support (food, clothing, academic and vocational training and medical attention) to disadvantaged, marginalised and high-risk groups in La Paz, Bolivia

Arkadag Patient Rights Association has its work cut out.

Article 13 Coalition to Combat Corruption has broad underground support and ARTICLE 19 - International Centre Against Censorship appears not to be attacked by pro-censorship forces

ArtIdea sounds like a great idea as it is set up to promote art in Georgia but the appeal of the name, combined with perpetual confusion with the US state, means I just wasn't able to find a link.

Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation is a Not-for-Profit/ Civil Society and a Non-Governmental Organization aiming to provide an abundant life, social and economic security for the less privileged. ASYARF is determined to enhance the livelihood of the people in the rural areas by the provision of viable goods and materials to the grassroots and to bringing back hope to the Down Trodden. []

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Upping the Anti

The NGOs are fairly negative when it comes down to it and none more illustrate this than the list of 'anti-' organisations.

Animus Association Foundation opposes violence by definition in its charter but it is mainly set up to support the victims in all the ways that might entail. Implicit disapproval of some types of behaviour is not only unavoidable, it's necessary.

By possessing an enigmatic name, the cause becomes acceptable, the measures sensible.

By contrast, the Anglican Young People's Association doesn't have to declare its agenda; it shines as brightly as a beacon.

We must mention 'empowerment' and 'strengthening' before entering the valley of the NGOs that wear their antis on their sleeve. We find it in the charter of ANKURAM

Anti Corruption Solidarity Group/ Gabungan Solidaritas Anti Korupsi
Anti Drug Abuse Association of Zimbabwe
Anti Narcotics Welfare Organization
Anti Narcotics Co-ordinating Center
Anti Sex Trafficking Action
Anti-Slavery International
Anti Smoking Society Qatar
Anti Terrorism Force
Anti Trafficking Centre
Anti-drug volunteer association of Klong Toey slum
Anti-AIDS Charitable Youth Fund
Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda
Anti-Corruption Committee
Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine
Anti-Corruption Front
Anti-Corruption Gateway for Europe and Eurasia
Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa
Anti-Corruption Justice and Information Center - Ngororero
Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Foundation, Inc
Anti-Drug Association of Somalia
Anti-Drug Association of Argentine Republic
Anti-Drugs Association
Anti-Drugs Association of Mongolia
Anti-Narcotics Association
Anti-Slavery Project
Anti-Violence Network of Georgia
Anticorruption Business Council

Monday, October 20, 2014

Non government or non plussed

Hard to fathom that something that started with a Council of Five could expand at a rate of twenty orgs a year over 150 years. That average may not reflect when the creation of NGOs was at its most active but it is still an expansion of note. How strict are the criteria? Are we seeing national representatives of the Red Cross and Red Crescent listed or are these discrete groups?

Would it be more effective if there were fewer organisations opposing alcohol or mopping up afterwards? Does it take one entity to align alcohol and nicotine with other substances and another to separate them out again? If they are cross purposes, who gets the money and why?

What are they trying to annexe? Or is anex something else?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sure got to shake it up NGO

AID/WATCH does a good job of defining what an Non Government Organisation is and tells us that, on last count, there are 3135 NGOs. That's too many to list and there are a number that are regional in nature, with repetition on a theme. I see quite a few dealing with drugs and others set up to combat human trafficking.

Here are just a few
These were chosen for their ability to be a representative sample. There are so many aids for AIDS and Africa has a cottage industry in ngo's. Tugging at your heart (or purse) strings through the use of children is only going to work until you're fully subscribed; the moreso if you have part of your pocket devoted to wildlife or wastewatch. 

Monday, October 06, 2014

Non Government Organisations

The first international organisation in the NGO category is the International Committee of the Red Cross founded in 1863. It is described as a private humanitarian organisation and has been given a charter to protect victims of armed conflicts. As the crowd contributed account has it, this includes the war wounded, prisoners, refugees, civilians and other non-combatants.

From his home in Geneva Henry Dunant wrote A Memory of Solferino, recounting the sights he'd witnessed of the wounded left in the field at the Battle of Solferino, an engagement in the Franco-Austrian War.

Dunant formed the "Committee of the Five", a investigatory commission of the Geneva Society for Public Welfare, with Dunant, Gustave Moynier, Louis Appia, Theodore Maunoir, Guillaume-Henri Dufour.
It wasn't long before they had changed the name to the "International Committee for Relief of the Wounded"

A conference was held in the October to gauge measures for improving medical services on the battlefield. It was attended by 36 individuals. The kingdoms and nations represenated by official delegates were Baden, Bavaria, France, Britain, Hanover, Hesse, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Sweden, and Spain.
This led to the drawing up of the first Geneva Convention, for the "Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Armies in the Field"