Friday, May 06, 2016

We can get it for you Wholesale

  1. Alta Praha s.r.o.
  2. Altronics Australia
  3. AmerisourceBergen
  4. AmerisourceBergen specialty group
  5. Anglia Regional Co-operative Society
  6. Apotekernes Fællesindkjøp
  7. Associated Grocers
  8. Bama Gruppen
  9. Bertel O. Steen
  10. Brown Shoe
  11. Cardinal Health
  12. Cash & Carry
  13. Chemische Fabrik Kalk
  14. DigiCube
  15. Eason & Son
  16. East of England Co-operative Society
  17. Glamajama
  18. Interline Brands
  19. Kirribilla
  20. Kole Imports
  21. Maske Gruppen
  22. Metro Cash and Carry
  23. Musgrave Group
  24. Office 1 Superstore
  25. PSS World Medical
  26. Redback Audio
  27. Sam's Club
  28. United Natural Foods, Inc.
  29. Vivid Imaginations

Saturday, April 30, 2016

What do you make of it?

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Automotive is the dominant motive for manufacture, even if there are more manufacturers producing items under the general heading 'engineering, various'

Electronics, as to be expected, is also a large field of endeavour. There are sixteen automotive giants and two making ancillary 'automotive components', twenty three 'engineering, various' and seventeen electronic.
Nine companies producing pharmaceuticals and nine chemicals, while ten ubercompanies make steel and ten something they can label 'food & beverages'. Five companies have hitched their wagon to 'aerospace & defence' with a couple more in just 'defence', four hook us up with telecommunications equipment, three make sure we've got new tyres, two tobacco while the rest are designated consumer goods, consumer durables, personal care products, hospital equipmentconstruction equipment, building materials, metals, aluminium and luxury goods.

A puzzling category is 'investment' as that sounds like a tertiary activity; in the same vein as banking. The Italian Exor are twelfth largest manufacturer and list under this category so what is their activity?

Some single categories are so because one company has a monopoly. A case in point is Johnson & Johnson.
The Body Shop are almost bottom feeders by comparison.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Japan makes the most stuff or gets the most for it. They are level pegging with the United States; 29 companies producing more than 25 billion dollars worth of goods in Japan and 30 in the US.

Good old worldbeater China has nineteen companies, Germany has ten, France eight and South Korea six. Switzerland, Netherlands and United Kingdom have three companies making cars and computers - to cite popular categories. Taiwan, Luxembourg, Sweden, India and Canada all have two manufacturing giants while Italy, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil and Ireland have one apiece.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Largest manufacturing companies by revenue

Image result for toyota

  1. Toyota
  2. Volkswagen Group
  3. Samsung Electronics
  4. Daimler
  5. General Electric
  6. General Motors
  7. Ford
  8. Hewlett-Packard
  9. Hitachi
  10. Nissan
  11. Hon Hai Precision Industry
  12. Exor
  13. Siemens
  14. Apple
  15. IBM
  16. Cardinal Health
  17. BASF
  18. Honda

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Oiled up, gassed up, not watered down but well aired/With all the precious metals oh and phosphate

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The largest cluster of giant oil and gas fields are in the Persian Gulf and the Western Siberian Basin.

The most potable water can be found in Brazil or, to phrase it like the source, Brazil heads the ten largest renewable fresh water countries

The most arable land is the United States of America

The largest coal mines in the world are the North Antelope Rochelle Mine and Black Thunder Mine, both in the United States.

The country with the cleanest air is Iceland

Countries producing the most timber are either 'United States, India and China' or 'United States, Russia and Canada' depending on who you consult (presumably in the pages of pulped wood) but USA has got wood either way

The largest gold producing country is currently China but for many years it was South Africa.

Mexico is the world's largest silver producer

Australia is the biggest iron ore producer

Chile rolls the copper out

Kazakhstan replaced Canada as the largest uranium producer in the world while China reconfirms its giant status by producing far more phosphate in 2015 than any other country. It has the second-largest phosphate supply after Morocco and the Western Sahara

Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's only Natural

Like our agriculture and horticultural products, scarcity and control along with damage and depletion tell the story of our impact on what we term 'natural resources'. To the mix we add water, air and soil.

The BBC tells us that worrying about when a resource is likely to run out is the wrong approach. This in an article that tells us some of the rarer minerals, used in common devices, could be depleted in as little as twenty years.

Monday, April 18, 2016

All the Resources at our disposal