Sunday, April 26, 2015

Journal entry

in the Neck
over your Shoulder
off your Chest
Navel gazing
can you read that Back

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spinner rack

The thickest magazine appears to be a particular issue of Vogue and the smallest a kids magazine the size of a blood clot (one hopes they published a version readable by the human eye)

Circulation of three million or more

14. Cosmopolitan
13.Sports Illustrated
12.Ladies' Home Journal
11. Time
10. Woman's Day
9. People
8. National Geographic
7. Family Circle
6. Reader's Digest
5. Good Housekeeping
4. Better Homes and Gardens
3. Game Informer
2. AARP Bulletin
1. AARP Magazine

These make sense to me in that order: being a lapsed gamer, I didn't know of Game Informer and as for the AARPs, not a clue.

It's fairly hard to conceive of a magazine shifting 22,200,000+ units, especially ones that carry no brand recognition in this part of the world. But what was the last Alan Jackson record you listened to? That's right, "Who now?"

Now that list is based on sales and there's an honesty to that because, if money was to exchange hands, neither the Bible nor Mao's Little Red Book would have been that widespread. If you base it on circulation, however, most of the above are still on the list. The two big additions are the Jehovah's Witness publications
Awake! published in 99 languages with a total circulation of 43.5 million copies
The Watchtower published in 203 languages with a monthly circulation of a massive 45 million copies.

Monday, April 20, 2015


The earliest magazine was  Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen, a literary and philosophy magazine launched in Germany in 1663. The first general interest magazine was The Gentleman's Magazine, published in London in 1731.

The Scots Magazine is the oldest magazine still in publication, although it has had gaps in its publishing schedule. It was established in 1739.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Make a scene w. a magazine

It seems there's a magazine for every interest and you can tell the relative popularity by the number on the stands or in the racks. Perhaps car magazines define a demographic as much as organic farming magazines do.

Despite all the rampant technology that we're tripping over one way or another, glossy magazines still hold their appeal. I put this down to a tactile response. We're subconsciously responding to the physical aspect, the turning of the page and holding something rather than viewing it through a prism.

I grew up with a mixture of women's magazines and men's magazines. It was like that. I don't know what I thought of Sporting Shooter and Two Wheels being male domains. I know I was a sponge for all the writing styles and layout even if I didn't realise it.
Australian Woman's Weekly had some great comic strips; the part I was interested in. But I' read columnists; if I thought about it, I probably inherited my grandfather's omnivorous reading habits.

I'm not saying I'll rush out to buy magazines containing advice columnists but I've been known to read a few if they were lying around.

Magazines focus their gaze on the other media as often as not. TV magazines, movie magazines, music magazines, magazines about reading and writing, abound. Magazines encourage craft and self-reliance. Magazines pander to fads and hopeless completists.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Magazine mad honour

Making your hair stand on end
Raising a few eyebrows
Sight and sound
A nose for a story
Hear here
Mo mo mo
Mouth: the words
say Cheek

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Re: public of Doyle

The mountains have spoken and we have returned to Labor here with Trish Doyle winning the seat on her second attempt.

We still have a Baird government but that was expected. I actually got on quite well with Roza Sage; we were nodding acquaintances due to her many railway station stakeouts trying to drum up continued support. I wouldn't say this to just any Liberal politician but I happened to remark once "Lovely to see you Roza" and so got a good reception after that.

I think we have the best of the state coalition governments and the last time the ALP were in office there was rampant corruption and much of the kind of things that this government's detractors are railing against.

They did lose a few seats though, no analysis on the federal factor.

The best news, for my money, is that the Greens have gone from having one seat to FOUR. Given that two of those seats were former National Party strongholds, the coal seam gas factor is significant, with farmers aligning with environmentalists.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

UN ending

If the history of the United Nations tells us anything, it's that international relations have always been fraught, that it's a good idea to have all representatives together but nations remain steadfastedly ununited, with a switch in allegiance being about the only change in that respect.

I do find it kind of silly whenever a government starts arcing up about decisions made by the UN. Getting a majority of regions to align over an issue is an impressive task, so when they do aim their sites at something, that should be given its due attention.The member nation who isn't doing what the rest of the world thinks it should is on shaky ground. No doubt about it.

This is so even when the plurality dictates a differing approach to animal welfare, a discrete notion on human rights, an attitude held widely enough to cause a country to break ranks and discriminate against one of its ethnic groups or a social or cultural sector.

The obvious correlative is in considering the cooperation that does occur.

What the UN's detractors fail to take into account is that the vaccuum that would exist if there was no grouping would not be filled by the practice of nations charging off and doing their own thing. Nor is it in any way desirable when one nation grouping decides for everyone else which atrocity to avert, whose natural resources to exploit, and how much power is to be alotted, if any.

Like democracy and capitalism, the dominant forces in our nation, the UN is imperfect and fails repeatedly to discharge its duty sufficient to change a dangerous trend or save caught up innocents. We all have to weigh up the comparative benefit and cost. But it would be a mistake to withdraw, as Indonesia once did, because, seventy years down the track, it's tantamount to declaring yourself a rogue state.