Saturday, August 23, 2014

Diss emanation

The country code may not be one we want to decipher; too busy discerning other directions in our day to day. This nation's saving grace assumes a commonality of purpose or implies we should adopt one. In a postmodern and multicultural society living in the twenty first century, this is debatable.

I know the character of my nation by virtue of being a part of that character. Start talking about too many exceptions and the meaning one has attributed to the nation and its pursuits crumbles. It doesn't matter which global trend you embrace or ironic NY singlet you wear, it starts to make the average citizen only nominally a part of their landscape or sense of place.

I like the laconic and marking the character of different times. Australia means so many things to me but I hold these within. If others want to postulate further on our Aussie traditions, let them.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nay, shun the nation

Irish Free State became Ireland in 1937 and Siam transformed into Thailand in 1939.

The notion of nations is not set in stone or baked in clay but the activities conducted by the nation state are not without consequence. Citizens may disengage but the skirmishes continue and the ideologies encroach.

I'm not writing a history book so refer you elsewhere as to how the League of Nations' own failure to sustain, made way for the United Nations. Or whether they are separate entities borne of different times.

The thing that always strikes me about a nation is how serious it is. It may be filled with jousts among jesters but the nation acting as one is always intent in purpose and drives a hard bargain. Alliances are determinant on the main players at the time.

These were dangerous times with Tojo in Japan, Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany and Stalin in the USSR. There were countries from both the Allies and the Axis represented in the League and activity revolves around invasion, exit and expulsion


The first secretary-general was Sir Eric Drummond. He held that position from 1920 to 1933.

League of Nations comprised of Secretariat, Council and General Assembly. The Council was made up of Permanent Members - United Kingdom, France, Italy and Japan - the major powers at the time, and countries voted in as Non-Permanent Members by the General Assembly (every member nation) - held once a year. The first Non-Permanent Members were Belgium, Brazil, Greece and Spain.

While they couldn't prevent the big one, other wars were averted by the League. The League of Nations administered a number of seminal bodies

Sunday, July 27, 2014

League of Nations

The Covenant forming the League of Nations was part of the Treaty of Versailles and came into force in

Given the times and the parties involved, membership was turbulent. Following are the countries with the year they joined (details of leaving and/or returning not given here)


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Losses and Discoveries

While there is no shortage of ignorance and indifference, there is no doubt that we have an impact with extinction and new discoveries.

As long as we preserve our old growth forests and wilderness we will also continue to discover new plants.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Built environment

I'm not as convinced by megalopolises. They don't even have to be on a common landmass; if you go wide enough, the Blue Banana contains Manchester and Amsterdam. Exhibit B appears when you realise what 'East Coast' denotes; you may have to refine your search to find an entry on this banal sounding stretch but when you do, you realise they mean our East Coast (and you don't get Europe when you search for 'Green Banana' or 'New Banana')

Anyone whose driven the couple of thousand kilometres covered by this designation will start to think that megalopolis must have a very loose definition. It covers Melbourne-Geelong up to Sydney-Newcastle and on to South East Queensland (SEQ) which links the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with the capital Brisbane. SEQ has been coined the 200 km city or 'Noosangatta' (Noosa-Coolangatta)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stan Lee

I got my photo taken with Stan Lee

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mrs Megalopolis

So we've dissected and bisected the single cities and teeming surrounds. We finish at the megalopolis - a clustered network of cities.

Greater Cairo
The Gauteng City Region
The region in Morocco including El Jadida-Casablanca-Rabat-Sale-Kenitra 

Pearl River Delta
Yangtze River Delta  
Bohai Economic Rim 
Central Plain
The central Liaoning city cluster  
Northeastern cities or the Harbin-Changchun Area
Sichuan Basin
Greater Wuhan Megalopolis
Greater Changsha Metropolitan Region

Taiheiyo Belt

Seoul National Capital Area
Southeast Economic Belt

West Bengal-Parnas-Kolkata-Murshidabad
Indo-Gangetic-Brahmaputra Plain Megalopolis
S. India

Greater Tehran

Western Java
Central Luzon
Central Thai
Central Java
East Java
Mekong Delta
Red River Delta

"Blue Banana" (also known as Hot Banana, Dorsal, European Megalopolis or European Backbone)
"Golden Banana" (also known as European Sunbelt or BarceLyon)
"Green Banana" (also known as Central Banana,Young Banana, New Banana, North Poland-Centrope-Adriatic or Vistula-Danube Economic River)
Quebec City - Windsor Corridor

Greater Mexico City

Arizona Sun Corridor
Front Range
Gulf Coast
Great Lakes
Northern California
Piedmont Atlantic
Southern California
Texas Triangle

East Coast

Lima-Callou Megalopolis
Rio-Sao Paulo Megalopolis
Expanded metropolitan complex of Sao Paulo