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I'm spending so long on skills because it's such a positive topic. That, and the simple writer's need to leave no stone unturned.
My own long tenure in office environs means that I automatically find myself nodding at the mention of something like apologising as a skill. It can be; there's a world of difference between "Sorry mate" when you bump into a colleague in the corridor, and reporting to the boss when you've stuffed up an order.
It seems though that at the higher and lower end of the scale, these skills are little exercised; the tramp and Trump both feeling less need for them in their role.

Bad manners and a lack of grace can be found in the grounds of many a vocation. This doesn't mean that a person who can expertly genuflect shouldn't have their day in the sun.

Giving thanks is social while prioritising refers to the business at hand, nonetheless I'm not going to dispute their importance. I think it's good to realise that the skills can be exercised without compromise even in an environment where others are flourishing without them, even being sustained by their lack.

Perseverance, salesmanship and flexibility says one contributor, Adaptation, being curious, saying no states another. I am skimming over this lightly as, if you want to read all the good advice, go to the source. I was impressed at how correspondents kept to the task, even if the ability to listen was oft cited.

Perhaps you are going to list math and basic accounting if you're one type and empathy and unlearning when you're another but that speaks to the value of this format. Could one authority decide what the most useful skills are? Could someone growing hydrangeas find they are better equipped if they can conceptualise risk (something almost everyone is bad at apparently)? Is the guy whose going to fix the alternator going to need skills in networking or decision making? To sell kewpie dolls how useful is the skill of critical thinking? Should someone with good critical thinking employ their time more usefully than peddling in this niche market?
Does an illustrator gain more from research or relaxation?

I have some of the coveted skills like public speaking, am average at emotional intelligence and don't really rate on money management skills so it's well that's not presently an issue.


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