Saturday, May 13, 2017

Keyed spills

Image result for "gladys berejiklian" logos

Image result for "mark mcgowan" logosThere is no question that there is some self-reflexive element to looking at essays on the most useful skills to have; not to those mythic skills they've lit on but to the skills employed in bringing them to some new setting, whether it's with full academic referencing or journalist footnote, or regurgitated on blog or social media.

It's no layman's list, more one for the psychologist. The terms are ambiguous without the accompanying explanations and my hyperlinks don't help.
The social skills like apologising, taking feedback, recovering from failure, are all good skills to cultivate. You'd think they wouldn't be necessary to articulate but when so many are bad at one or more of these, apparently not.

I also like the concept of the elevator pitch; not so you can overcome your shyness and bail up executives in a lift but to be able to contain your concept in a succinct description means you will have a clearer idea yourself of what needs doing and why you are doing it.


Speaking of blogs, this one has been stuck in the lift with these pitches for so long that I have missed noting that Gladys Berejiklian is premier of New South Wales, Theresa May is prime minister of Great Britain and Donald Trump is president of the United States of America.
There might have been a reason why I kept myself diverted from this dismal and dispiriting state (not you, Glad)

And Mark McGowan is premier of Western Australia, a big improvement whatever he does.


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