Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Dim bulb, Dip shit

The whole time I was working up that example I was thinking "Must remember to say 'dipping your lights', not dimming" and look what happened.
This not only explains why that first hyperlink takes us to a technical readout of household lighting but illustrates how limited conducting all your own research on the Internet can be. It's not the search engine's fault but the result is still as mooted.

If you go onto a number of search engines to see who the most experienced person is, as I did, then you see all the points at which they differ and intersect. Not of interest to someone in formal studies or engaged in a challenging occupation and knows their stuff but good clean fun for the idly curious.

It was on Yahoo that I came across a hundred year old pilot who has amassed 57,635.4 flying hours, more flight time than any living person. This is very much in the vicinity of what I was interested in seeing, and not because pilots have appeared on a few of our posts.

My normal go-to Google didn't have this, unless it was further down, neither did Bing. Wikipedia doesn't have an entry for 'most experienced person' and Twitter twitters away as it does. Would this encourage me to do more searches on the Yahoo search engine? Well I do think that it did well to place the pilot so high out of seventy three and a half million search results. And they have the most experienced CIO into the bargain. Whatever that is.
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