Friday, May 05, 2017

Mad skills

I thought I would get least useful skills out of the way first since it seems silly to dwell on them. Though we're not in human resources so it's still 'interesting' to know. The search engines don't agree and the least useful skills mentioned at the top of the ranking are for games: Pathfinder Society, Wasteland 2, Skyrim, Diablos 2 & 3, Guild Wars 2, State of Decay and State of Decay 2, Eldritch Horror, Dota
A gaming environment is a good one to speculate on which are the least useful skills; task oriented but hopefully in a fun way. This doesn't mean gaming itself is not a useful skill; one 'easiest job' list includes video game players. When it comes to HR, inquiring as to one's least useful skills - as someone on Quora does - sounds like a trap in an interview or job application though a skill that won't be particularly useful in your role as a shipping clerk is not the same as a fault or weakness that may impede the successful carrying out of duties.

Whatever is considered a good versatile skill across a number of occupations, the most important skill for a helicopter pilot is that they can fly without crashing. Different skills come into play when growing fennel, fixing antennae or selling commemorative mugs
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