Friday, April 21, 2017

Easier is harder if you get what I mean

Doing what passes for research in century 21, I thought I could follow in a clear trajectory to going from toughest jobs to easiest jobs. Turns out that search results for easiest jobs is just today's version of mail order millions. Not that this frothiness ensures a sure mercenary touch.

The conclusions/inclusions are often baffling. For example, writers, artists and photographers would be quite interested to know they were down here. As would librarians. For the creatives, it is this question of how a field with such uncertainty and low recompense, combined with a need to constantly chase work making their task, in my opinion, more demanding than yer PAYE
Librarians may have more secure tenure but the knowledge and authority they wield is not something to be sneezed at.

Nor do I think you would become a personal trainer just because all you are doing is watching someone else working out, just as you wouldn't take Homer Simpson's job because it really does involve pushing buttons.

  1. Optometrist
  2. Freelance Writer
  3. Artist
  4. Computer Software Engineer
  5. Power Plant Operator
  6. Tour Guide
  7. Massage Therapist
  8. Songwriter
  9. Photographer
  10. Personal Trainer
This is from The Richest and the list, if I'm guessing correctly, is based on how routine or enjoyable the work is. Of course saying that writers and artists have an average income of a hundred grand does skew the whole reading of what constitutes ease. There are local examples of people who write these descriptors on their tax return who would be flabbergasted at the miscalculation in earnings, I can guarantee. And they're putting more effort into promotion and production than I am.

Despite this anomaly, which may have been arrived at my finding the mean average between the lowest paid, not exactly fluent in the language they're ghostwriting in, and sitcom writers, for instance. Noting the great disparity between what freelancers get, based both on ability and self-promotion, would be helpful before declaring something easy.

For some list compilers, a tollbooth attendant has an easy job as they are sitting and there is nothing out of the ordinary required. Doubtless this wouldn't cross the mind of others who would consider being stuck in a tiny box breathing in all those fumes is anything but easy.

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