Thursday, March 08, 2018

Concluding with dinner on the bren

When we were children we played on what we call the bren. It was an old bren gun carrier that sat and rusted in the bush near our house so you can guess where we spent some time. A real old bren gun carrier, bought I'm guessing for its scrap iron but what a thing to have!

So my real world correlative to examine our concluding list of Top 100 websites is an item of similar vintage to our previous truck samples but with a more powerful punch given its original purpose.

You couldn't get much use for the online office suite methinks since any transaction around bren gun carriers is unlikely to warrant an ongoing spreadsheet. The limited availability and thoroughly niche interest means that you are unlikely to need your own eCommerce website unless you're swapping other military equipment, you're unlikely to need to measure website traffic, and you certainly don't need to fork out for pop under advertising.

The best place to go, I'd venture, is either to auction to see what you can get or, if you're buying, you could check the classifieds. More intel can be gained by finding likeminded enthusiasts who may know more about these vehicles than you as the owner.

A booking engine wouldn't be specialist enough unless you're organising entry to a military technology park.

If you're going to use the Q&A services, you'll need to ask simply "What is a bren gun carrier?" if you want the same degree of definition as you'd get in a dictionary or encyclopedia.
"In which wars were bren gun carriers used?" if you require a more specific answer.

There'll be news items but they are often geared around carriers that are in the family and likely to stay that way or carriers in a museum.

Doubtless there's a wiki for further information or you could even search for films, television documentaries or games that feature the universal carrier.

You could go more general - everybody's first step usually - and hit the search engines. 'Bren' will deliver more than 'bren gun carrier' but only if you have the quotation marks of a Google; I doubt that putting the full term in DuckDuckGo or WolframAlpha will have the same effect.
102,000 results on Google for the bren gun carrier, fourteen a half million if you type in just 'bren' and 270,000 if "bren gun carrier" isn't in quotations.
DuckDuckGo's search looks similar to Google's; that is, the top search results are the same, they don't tell you how many results they retrieved and, rather than listing all the pages at the bottom, there is an instruction to Load More
Wolfram Alpha? Well I don't know what they're on about but it has something to do with the Kháng language


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