Sunday, February 25, 2018

Swallowed a Dictionary

The above, even considering there are two entries on encyclopedias and one on wikis, is not exhaustive; it didn't take me long to realise that I had not included the Dictionary of Irish Architects despite intending to do so nor to give up quickly after commencing a country-by-country check of foreign online encyclopedias. Or concede that my decision to exclude Veropedia was idiosyncratic but, to be fair, mirroring Wikipedia is something other sites do regularly and I can't see the point unless you are going to do a Touched by the Son and use this to make new discoveries.

Should we look at the definition of dictionary or are we content to say we think we know the difference to encyclopedias? As with wikis there is considerable crossover. Probably you won't get far if you look up 'steel-wheeled tractor' in an online dictionary, it might be better to find out, using a search engine, what some of these tractors were and then use a dictionary though, chances are, you will have the information by then. And were they perhaps 'iron-wheeled'?

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