Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Con fied

The classifieds are yet another major part of the newspaper that has now been co-opted by the Net.

Craigslist is well known; you know you've hit the big time when Weird Al Yankovic uses you in one of his parodies.

The national representation of dominant web classifieds is democratic in its demographic: in the US and Them; them happen to be Russia, China, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, UK(Scotland), Australia and the Netherlands.

Heavy hitters on many a list.

Two further things to knock out - the preponderance of OLX, a company I'd not heard of, and, how it is that something as iconic as Gumtree [I mean, y'know John Williamson singing give me a home among the gum trees, we're the country that has a creature who subsists on their leaves] can be compelled to share nomenclature with a country not known for its gum trees so why is there a dot com (not even dot see oh dot you kay, mind) registered on the British Isles and plying the same trade? Is it perhaps one of those rare swap backs, like the sudden appearance of the slang term 'undies' in American  shows?

OLX is a global online marketplace operating in 45 countries is a British online classifieds and community website, established in the Year 2000
and owned by eBay


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