Sunday, February 11, 2018

Look it up

Due to the popularity of Wikipedia there is some blurring in lines between wikis and online encyclopedias. The difference is that a wiki is a shared site, so a group of people who are Valiant enthusiasts, whether that's ute or car (or, in this case, comic book), will contribute information. Online encyclopedias are much like their bound predecessors, also containing information but in a strict format and either staffed contributors or - and here's the overlap - fellow enthusiasts or scholars.

We're fortunate that I had the presence of mind to note down the remaining site types in our top 100 before they removed the bottom 50 so we can still do that. Encyclopedias, meanwhile, were touched upon in our preamble to site rankings where we noted in September that Wikipedia was the fifth most popular site on the planet.
What follows are a sample, removing those we mentioned in the last post about wikis and, in the case of dodgy ones like Conservapedia (goes with the territory dare I say), worst directories. And so forth.

Online Encyclopedias

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