Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Wiki wacky woo

The only trouble with using Wikipedia as your source is that it may not be the same the next day you log in due to the regular editing. In our case we're lucky we've got this far through the list as someone has decided that, since Alexa only provides their top 50 for free, this list should also be reduced from 100.
I don't think we had very many categories left (our last, online office suites, is gone, being below 50). One I do recall is wikis (irony?). On Wikipedia - currently - is a list of 93 such sites; too many to canvas.
Image result for "wiki"
If we remove the ones we've mentioned that are issued by Wikimedia Foundation (see post from 29th September) and cull idiosyncratic efforts like Heroes Wiki, Lostpedia, Memory Alpha, Nukapedia, Supernatural Wiki, Wookieepedia and WoWWiki (devoted to individual shows or games), other minority interests such as Spanish and Chinese language encyclopedias, and wikis that have already received mentions such as Conservapedia  and Uncyclopedia, we have:

*I tried several times to log into the Planetmath.org site with no success


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