Friday, January 26, 2018

Methodology and melody

It's true that you could get better data by looking at more recent subject matter when evaluating Australian directories, Q&A sites, Aussie auction sites,  or local news and weather.

These are doubtless written on blog rolls across the land. I've not yet noted how the most popular technology sites also happen to be major blogs and run by successful bloggers. That's unlikely to be a coincidence; however retro we try to go, there's no escaping the pull of technology, even if it's just access issues when trying to list a Valiant ute.


Twitch TV also gets a repeat mention as, more specifically than broadcasting entertainment, they stream games. (Alexa 50, SimilarWeb 76) leads in popularity but do we then go to other sites that stream games or just other sites that stream generally? I can quickly answer that by reporting that Best Streaming (without going into detail about genre or purpose) looks like that list of shared video and film sites we did a few posts back so, while I think we've touched on gaming once or twice, it's worth joining in as a casual player.
PC Mag deal with this even though they call their article 'Twitch and Beyond: The Best Video Game Streaming Services' and test just four of the biggest streaming platforms for gamers.
YouTube Gaming
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