Saturday, July 01, 2017

Weblog Jam

Part of the fun of blogging is in being able to go hog wild, which may explain why Arrington blogs outside his paying proposition. He does this, not by hiding his other blog but differentiating it from TechCrunch in the guise of Uncrunched. Or did - the blog is from 2015 and hosted by

Why doesn't Arianna Huffington earn a motza if her blogging format is so popular? Is it something to do with preserving the independence of Huffington Post? She does earn a tidy sum but didn't make the particular list.

Sometimes the whole problem with blog accuracy makes their patronage dubious. We can be entertained by the odd bent of certain bloggers but should take take these things with a grain of salt. That list of blogging platforms has been around the block and the page I took it from was not the first. This is what caused some difficulties since some had been abandoned or subsumed, or were using code no longer supported.

Naturally for something with no obvious quality control, one has to take the bad with the good. While only a fraction are going to reach the eyes of judges and style experts, it was inevitable there would be some formal recognition.

They differ from another all but antiquated form, the message board and include subsets like the vlog,


According to leadpages these are the

ten blogging types  

  1. The Rogue
  2.  The Guest Host
  3. The Crash Test Dummy
  4. The Niche
  5. The Giver
  6. The Guide
  7. The Homer
  8. The Tell-All
  9. The Personal Brand
  10. The Enterprise 


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