Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blooger, Blagger, Blogger

There are (more than) a few things to note
  • with the purported move away from blogging to other forms of social media, blogging platforms are shutting down
  • some platforms have been swallowed by bigger or more successful platforms
  • blogs are more detailed
  • blogs are more strongly theme-based, except when they're not
  • some outmoded blogs actually tell you you are trying to access unsupported code
  • blogging platforms, especially the amateur chancers, have been frequently hacked 
  • the attempt to make it explicit that this is a blog has led to misadventures where even other bloggers suggest that it is Blooger the scooter firm who are hosting blogs or lack the patience to find the compendium instead of relying on serendipity
  • Facebook and Twitter are disqualified as being blogs:-
  • MySpace can be - or could be, before it became a music service limping behind iTunes and Spotify - considered as a host for blogs along with other aspects, a slight distinction from ones dedicated to showing the blog alone
  • marketers tend to use a combination of other formats in conjunction with their blog, if they use a blog at all
Then there is the concept of the clog, a blog that is rarely updated, just sits there with stale information


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