Thursday, July 06, 2017

To the fore

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The features then of forums are flat vs. threaded, duplicate thread prevention, user-selectable themes, calendar, image attachments, unread message tracking, forum spam defences, user-friendly URLs, export capacity, email interface and single sign-on. Forum builders may have different ideas about the importance of these, these are the ones Wikipedia have used for comparison purposes so you can decide whether they are things you need or would prefer to have when building a board.

We turn to for the top ten successful forums

  1. WarriorForum
  2. DigitalPoint
  3. Nairaland
  4. WebHostingTalk
  5. MineCraftForum
  6. India-Forums
  7. AndroidForums
  8. NamePro
  9. AVSForum
  10. HardForum
and start to wonder if we can do it too.
Image result for flat forum


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