Thursday, July 06, 2017

Forum o meant there

We're now deep in systems territory and that means that I, despite my claims to records management and the writerly habit of safely storing notes. am out of my depth well and truly. This might explain why some of my links are to less technical takes.

The Wikipedia page has two warnings, one dated from 2011 and one from 2014, about veracity. I find that whole thing fascinating. Did no one want to set the record straight or tidy some referencing on the subject of online forums? Should we read anything into this?
In the interests of further linkage I'm most keen to understand those features of message boards and that's where their (as at 5th July 2017) tables and graphs are useful. Messages can be flat or threaded. Curiously, thredded's is not threaded.

Some researchers may appreciate the information that Brian Moon is the creator of Phorum. Technical types who are considering their options may opt to go with the MyBB Group whose latest release was in May, over the open source Sindie or PHPWind of the Hangzhou Detian Information Technology Co. Ltd which haven't had updates since 2014.
This is where the veracity comes in; we have a Hangzhou Detian Experimental Primary School, a construction decoration engineering company and a mechanical and electrical equipment limited company but no information technology company, limited or otherwise.

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