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radix linguae

Ego sum insidiabantur per viam a foro tollet de quadam lectione literarum fiat. Commentarius forma mei qui accipit, etsi ego ponerem me iustus cogitationes et affectus circa species et immediatam certe et Journal and blogs ut alius.

 Quod est de forma vos es opus in, vos es usura tools et materias, quae ad tales effectus in nobis quid scribam? Immo quod cogitamus

 Quod si latine scribo - cogitabat latine - quod mutata non est nostrae tenore faceret illud?
 Et verum quod ego facio quidam stipes est in linguam alienam non propter hoc quod tactus in Filium habet facti bracchia et non sentiunt oportet ut de morte significant homines in vita mea quia quod suus personalis dum blog est de scientia.

 (Non quia scribere nec meas patris tui transitum)

Thursday, March 29, 2018


The problem with numbers - and portions of numbers - as I see it, is the fact that they only give so much information. Where words are loaded, numerals and percentages only speak to the subject they are sampling: thirteen examples of methodological hermeneutics, five eighths of the glass jars, percentage of Bonnie Rock and Wialki area containing jam bushes

We don't notice how often we use these numberless numbers: the Dewey decimal system when borrowing things from the library, the basis of our currency at least for the last half century and then there's the metric system that we switched to over eighteen years.
I still speak in imperial when it comes to height and weight; people did the same moving from pounds shillings and pence.

The other thing that makes me uncomfortable around integers is that writers ply their audience with an arrangement of words, we feel that we are treading on the toes of mathematicians, statisticians, data analysts. I was going to do a further post with 27, 29, 51, 54, 55, 71, 82
I toyed with the idea of looking at the different types of fractions but that would be straying into the maths professors province

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A fraction more









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Decimal currency


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Playing the percentages

I could have included 0% but that's just a fancy way of saying nothing

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Glossing over glossary

By stubbornly refusing to look up the definition of glossary even though glossary is all about definition, I missed it over two long pages in the one post.
And there's no way I'm getting away with using 'ossary' in the title of my post without it seeming forced so that's out.

As the more learned who (along with the less learned, are not reading blogs as they're too busy checking their Facebook posts and tweets and email) can tell you, a glossary is a short dictionary or it is the list at the back of a book explaining unusual or difficult words in the text. There are a hundred and three million results; a lot more than you would see in a glossary.

One explanation, say off into the margin, is a gloss or gloss word. A collection of these is a glossary.


We had a bottle collection on the farm. Now when I say, had a collection, they were bottles that were out in a certain spot as you don't basically cart as many things off the farm as you sort. Recycling wasn't a term but it didn't need to be.

I think we can take it as read that there are newsgroups and wikis and message boards stroke forums on bottle collecting, bottle collectors, bottle collections. Even though dictionaries and encyclopedias are more suited in a way to dealing with all collector efforts, I imagine there are ones devoted to this particular pursuit.

Among the countless other options we can ask a Q&A site "What kinds of bottles were around in Australia in 1922?" or ask Yandex for results relating to bottle collecting and pull up 25 million.

Where does the glossary fit into all this? Well it depends on whether your book about bottle collecting contains terms that aren't generally well known. A thesis that was published online is going to retain its glosses regardless of the format it's been moved to.

Friday, March 09, 2018

The glossary you get

I just happened to notice when I was looking at catalogues and books online, a glossary or it may have even been a list of glossaries. I always associate a glossary with a book but there's not much that a paperbound object has been able to keep safe from ol' WWW

There are sixty five entries in a glossary on firelighting so it's not inconceivable that when we choose our usual wikis or pedias or both, they're going to bring up too many to consider. It's a good thing to avoid obfuscation and some would say worth the trouble.
The primary purpose of a glossary is not to explain itself in any case, rather it details all the components of an activity or a theory. Lighting fires has been done a number of ways and for a variety of reasons. The glossary allows you to make a case based on what you know about the activity and its outcomes.

A glossary for a portal, at least as far as Wikipedia is concerned, is divided broadly into General reference, culture and the arts, geography and places, health and fitness, history and events, mathematics and logic, natural and physical sciences, people and self, philosophy and thinking, religion and belief systems, society and social sciences, technology and applied sciences

and it just drills down from there.


Perhaps I have overlooked the function of the glossary and what one consists of in e-terms.

I would be quite happy to skip down through the terms Touched By The Son would touch on since that help us get a handle on what a glossary might consist of that sets it apart. The general reference divides into '-graphies' and library and information sciences. So far so compatible.

There's only three subheadings under culture; I choose owarai on the basis that I'm not familiar with it and then next tier down where culture is arts, fiction, games, sport, games contract bridge as I've never played it,  crafts and hobbies; my choice of Arts is poetry (groups and movements), of fiction literary terms although I could see how Newspeak would be useful, sport can be Wing Chun since I'm not really interested in sport and either notaphily - because I don't know what it is (notice the running theme) - or conjuring because I have had some vague interest can be the crafts and hobbies, although I have definitely collected comics and have an excellent collection of vintage Marvels.

Under Health and Fitness we'll look at Medical terminology (roots, suffixes and prefixes) as that has been significant recently.

History can show us the Weimar Republic

I don't know what Diophantine or Riemannian geometry are and I could not begin to explain Tensor theory so mathematics is as incomprehensible for me as ever, despite forcing myself to go there at regular intervals. At semi-regular intervals. Biological and physical sciences are familiar from older posts. If I have to look at those now familiar subcategories of biological and physical sciences, I gravitate to gene expression and classical physics respectively.

Under people and self, let's go with graphonomics. Philosophy only gives us Heidegger and we've been digging around the base for some time as it is so let's move on to spirituality as that's wispy enough to justify going anywhere near religion.
Society is again too well plumbed for us to spend much longer in its company. I'm going parochial for English dialects noting entries for both Australian English terms for food and drink and Australian English terms for people. I'm staying parochial for English words of Australian Aboriginal origin, Spanish words of Austronesian origin, Japanese words of Dutch origin.

I'm being discriminatory and skipping over discrimination. I'll probably do a post on it one day.

Our final Wikipedia portal glossary, technology and applied sciences yields telephony, alternative terms for free software, and automotive design.

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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Concluding with dinner on the bren

When we were children we played on what we call the bren. It was an old bren gun carrier that sat and rusted in the bush near our house so you can guess where we spent some time. A real old bren gun carrier, bought I'm guessing for its scrap iron but what a thing to have!

So my real world correlative to examine our concluding list of Top 100 websites is an item of similar vintage to our previous truck samples but with a more powerful punch given its original purpose.

You couldn't get much use for the online office suite methinks since any transaction around bren gun carriers is unlikely to warrant an ongoing spreadsheet. The limited availability and thoroughly niche interest means that you are unlikely to need your own eCommerce website unless you're swapping other military equipment, you're unlikely to need to measure website traffic, and you certainly don't need to fork out for pop under advertising.

The best place to go, I'd venture, is either to auction to see what you can get or, if you're buying, you could check the classifieds. More intel can be gained by finding likeminded enthusiasts who may know more about these vehicles than you as the owner.

A booking engine wouldn't be specialist enough unless you're organising entry to a military technology park.

If you're going to use the Q&A services, you'll need to ask simply "What is a bren gun carrier?" if you want the same degree of definition as you'd get in a dictionary or encyclopedia.
"In which wars were bren gun carriers used?" if you require a more specific answer.

There'll be news items but they are often geared around carriers that are in the family and likely to stay that way or carriers in a museum.

Doubtless there's a wiki for further information or you could even search for films, television documentaries or games that feature the universal carrier.

You could go more general - everybody's first step usually - and hit the search engines. 'Bren' will deliver more than 'bren gun carrier' but only if you have the quotation marks of a Google; I doubt that putting the full term in DuckDuckGo or WolframAlpha will have the same effect.
102,000 results on Google for the bren gun carrier, fourteen a half million if you type in just 'bren' and 270,000 if "bren gun carrier" isn't in quotations.
DuckDuckGo's search looks similar to Google's; that is, the top search results are the same, they don't tell you how many results they retrieved and, rather than listing all the pages at the bottom, there is an instruction to Load More
Wolfram Alpha? Well I don't know what they're on about but it has something to do with the Kháng language

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Brooking booking, ingenues and ingenius engines

Capterra lists 267 booking engines or, as they call them, reservations software. That's a lot to canvass and we're not equipped to do so. Suffice to say you can see some of these that have an overactive advert gland on daytime television, falling over themselves to find a cheap hotel room or sundry other service.

There are some sites that came up in my search that encouraged small concerns themselves to set up booking engines. Is the whole thing getting out of hand? Why do I need a broker to tell me where is the best place to fill up or get a bed for the night? Why aren't these things regulated to be consistent?
This is the chaos of capitalism.

For that reason I'm not as interested in this service as I am of other items on the list.

Con fied

The classifieds are yet another major part of the newspaper that has now been co-opted by the Net.

Craigslist is well known; you know you've hit the big time when Weird Al Yankovic uses you in one of his parodies.

The national representation of dominant web classifieds is democratic in its demographic: in the US and Them; them happen to be Russia, China, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, UK(Scotland), Australia and the Netherlands.

Heavy hitters on many a list.

Two further things to knock out - the preponderance of OLX, a company I'd not heard of, and, how it is that something as iconic as Gumtree [I mean, y'know John Williamson singing give me a home among the gum trees, we're the country that has a creature who subsists on their leaves] can be compelled to share nomenclature with a country not known for its gum trees so why is there a dot com (not even dot see oh dot you kay, mind) registered on the British Isles and plying the same trade? Is it perhaps one of those rare swap backs, like the sudden appearance of the slang term 'undies' in American  shows?

OLX is a global online marketplace operating in 45 countries is a British online classifieds and community website, established in the Year 2000
and owned by eBay

Sunday, March 04, 2018


  1. craigslist
  5. sahibinden
  12. milanuncios

Friday, March 02, 2018

Traffic stop

One of the types of popular websites does what we've doing in this exercise: measures the amount of traffic websites get. If this seems somewhat circular then that impression will not be alleviated by repeat mentions of Alexa and SimilarWeb.
You can do an Alexa ranking of itself

The amount of traffic a website gets has become of utmost importance to Internet marketers and SEO is a big part of their strategy. Search engine optimisation sends your website on weight loss programs or eCommerce to the top of the search rankings so it gets seen before those of your competitors and gives you more chance of sales. This is not to say that the sites with the most traffic are commercial or have been engineered to attract said traffic; there is a case for 'build it and they will come' which is why Google, Facebook and Yahoo! are so popular. But as search engines, social media and email platforms of the past have shown us, this cannot be guaranteed indefinitely (though I do suspect that Duck Duck Go's attempt to steal Google's thunder will only gain so much traction)

But, yes, buying those ads to appear above the natural ranking when one searches for 'sites that measure website traffic' yield
[about 3,820,000 results]


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(0.76 seconds) 

So, have you heard of Semrush, Mixpanel, Adgo.taboola or WME group? Nope, me neither.

The same can be said for the organic top rankers: Incomediary,, Moz,, Ahrefs, and Digital Deepak or the further ads at the bottom of page one for Kissmetrics and Pop monetize. The two top ones Alexa and SimilarWeb are familiar - now. Makeuseof also makes a reappearance.
There is no reason, of course, that sites that measure website traffic will themselves attract it.