Saturday, June 15, 2013

Playing favourites

It is now a decade since I started down the path of whimsy; creating the revolving hyperlink or rotating hyperlink, whichever you fancy.
I still wanted to hook a theme on this and decided on 'favourite'. What I liked about it at the time is that it gave me enormous scope and would stay positive in the main.

Throughout the ten years I have devoted to this madcap pursuit, I have veered between the physical property and its attributes. But rarely beyond that. The very stars in the cosmos are linked to us and we are part of the whole existence, so it's not like this was a terrible restriction.

I don't want to delve too much in the concentrated candour that involves an exercise of this kind so I'll share the cream of the link crop.

I found rooves and rooftops yield different results.
 I noticed how some took off in odd directions and how others pierced the depths. There was the blatantly commercial and the cold and clinical. And the best kind of sites that highlighted the essence of the idle topic.

After covering the environment both natural and built and all manner of creature therein, I have only just come lately to the arts. It took some constraint, being of that tradition, but I wanted to deal with the real, and avoid too much editorial intervention where my own proclivities were concerned.

There were two items that caused commentators to state aloud that it was pointless to have favourites: dams and vestibules.
There were many things too mundane to even be worth including. This happened, strangely and fortuitously, the first time in Europe, where access to one's blog is impeded. I did 'light' of all things; full of meaning both literal and lyrical and yet nothing. So, while on the subject, I flicked to bulbs (we were in Holland after all) and still no good. So this was the only time the actual change wasn't made. I figured that having gone through the exercise was enough.

The most dramatic favourite was the cupboard under the stairs.


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Finally sputtered to a stop in 2017


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