Friday, May 03, 2013

Attorneys General

According to the Parliamentary Education Office 'A parliament is an assembly of elected representatives of a people or a nation, which forms the supreme legislative (law-making) authority for that people or nation.'
This explains why the chief lawmaker, the Attorney General, is such a senior figure. Here is a list of all the Attorneys General for the Commonwealth of Australia:

Alfred Deakin
James Drake
Henry Higgins
Josiah Symon
Isaac Isaacs
Littleton Groom
William Morris (Billy) Hughes
Patrick McMahon (Paddy) Glynn
John Latham
Francis (Frank) Brennan
Robert Menzies
Herbert Evatt
John Beasley
John Spicer
Michael Neil O'Sullivan
Garfield Barwick
William McMahon
Billy Snedden
Gordon Freeth
Nigel Bowen
Ivor Greenwood
Gough Whitlam
Lionel Murphy
Kep Enderby
Bob Ellicott
Peter Durack
Gareth Evans
Lionel Bowen
Michael Duffy
Duncan Kerr
Michael Lavarch
Daryl Williams
Philip Ruddock
Robert McClelland
Nicola Roxon
Mark Dreyfus


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