Saturday, April 13, 2013

Don know

Here's a question; a serious one: do you think it's sensible to feel you should apologise to some people for not knowing of their existence?

This can only apply to someone of fame or notoreity, I realise. If not a captain of industry then a high class buffoon.

In my case, as I was writing that past post about External and Foreign Affairs ministers, I was struck that I had been around in the Whitlam era; just going into high school, granted, and I didn't make the connection between the Minister for Foreign Affairs at the time and his sons who went into Current Affairs.

The truth is, I wasn't an activist in high school. I had enough on my plate (or, if not, we could go up for seconds) and I hadn't fully matured from my parents' conservative outlook.
It was, ironically, the kid who gave me my black tooth who made me see the virtue in a party for the working man. His dad was a shearer.

The Dons I was aware of in politics were Don Dunstan, the flamboyant South Australian premier, and Don Lane the party-switching Fitzgerald Inquiry subject of the dying days of Bjelke-Petersen mach II and III. He might have even been the local member when we were living in New Farm.
(not to be confused with the lanky yank, Mort Isaacson)

Well, that shows that no one (in Australia, at least) is reading. What about Don Chipp?


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