Sunday, May 05, 2013


There is some diversity in our legal politicos, with the solid Johns and the, intriguing in our Brit-inheritance way rather than exotic, Littleton and Garfield.

The political impetus has encompassed the direct influence of the founder of the Liberal Party and the 'Crash through or crash' leader with his passionate supporters and passionate detractors.

We finally got a female law dog at the end of 2011 and she lasted in the job for just over a year.

There was going to be quips about an early minister not needing to worry about cyber crime, and way of affixing the copyright symbol to someone else's entry. In the end, the only one I regretted not being able to provide for was Henry Higgins. "Justice you weight Henry Higgins" "Just, you wait, Henry Higgins"

I'm assuming most legal eagles would be familiar with the Pygmalion (or, since it's a musical number I'm quoting, My Fair Lady) reference.


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