Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home again

In thinking about home affairs, be they paired with the territories or the environment, or replaced by the interior, I am sensing a great deal of conflict in the national debate.

Sometimes it's not possible to leave the world around you out of your blog, and it is my best guess that the idea behind 'home affairs' is protection of the land we find ourselves in. As it transpires, parliaments across the world have their own Home Affairs, so it must mean something.

Such a catch-all has had to change with the times. It does to remember that there would have been state departments of industry, primary or otherwise, all taking care of a smaller population than we have a century on. Home was cosier, if you will. But across a great expanse, as this is Australia.

If I'm not mistaken, modern Minister for Home Affairs has ASIO in his field of responsibilities.


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