Sunday, August 23, 2009

Libertarians and the Jungle Crow

Speaking of libertarians, while I would never have a link to Andrew Bolt's blog on mine, I do admire their fresh approach. You won't readily see this kind of intelligent analysis in the media. You'll see other kinds but not this kind.

I am with them on the corruptive nature of government, I just have different social conclusions. But that doesn't mean I don't get something from reading (what I see as cockeyed) viewpoints. Provided they are well argued and properly defended.

To the extent libertarians and their binary opposite, anarchists, do this without flinching, I find them useful.


We had crows on the farm. They had a mean reputation. Pecked the eyes out of sick sheep and baby lambs, cunning, with a harsh call signifying a dry heat.

I have only ever shot one and it meant staking out silently and with my gun barrel positioned just so.

The birds that live in Sydney are very different. They seem unperturbed by humans, who are always only walking by, and they go about their carrion eating/gatekeeper of death duties almost unnoticed.

Jungle crows are different. I was reading about the jungle crows in Japan that damage internet cable. The real kicker though was - remembering how formidable a crow is to begin with - the article went on to say that the jungle crow could form its claw into a fist and "punch you in the head"

Faaaaark indeed.


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