Sunday, December 24, 2017

Auction hows

How do online auctions differ from the eCommerce and online shopping we've canvassed? It's true you can sell a pair of T boots or buy a Dodge at auction, the differences are as with traditional auctions which many of these sites are cyber facsimiles of. Indeed some of the first ten listed sell only within the continental United States; the reason we're featuring them here is to illustrate these different types of auction: charity thrift shop, barter based on credits (Listia), leftover inventory from brand names usually sold at discount prices (uBid), official portal to government auctions(GovDeals, Municibid), goods seized in the course of law enforcement (Property Room), property seized or acquired for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes (IRS Treasury Auction), live auctions (Auction Zip) and traditional estate liquidations (

The remaining auction sites are of a more general nature and closer to home. GraysOnline is your traditional auction house, everyone heard of Lloyds before there was an Internet. The ephemeral nature of the Web in some circumstances is again at play here as we see that CQout, fantastic name and all, has closed its doors.
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