Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Futures so bright

Investopedia provide the following definition
Futures are financial contracts obligating the buyer to purchase an asset or the seller to sell an asset, such as a physical commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future date and price.

BarChart list the 'most active Futures (Ranks futures contracts by the highest Daily Contract Volume)'

S&P 500 E-MiniESZ16 (Dec '16)2,127.00+0.75+0.04%1,834,48810/14/16
10-Year T-NoteZNZ16 (Dec '16)129-265-0-115-0.28%1,190,38210/14/16
5-Year T-NoteZFZ16 (Dec '16)120-265-0-035-0.09%590,58410/14/16
Crude Oil WTICLX16 (Nov '16)50.32-0.12-0.24%495,64210/14/16
Crude Oil WTICLZ16 (Dec '16)50.74-0.11-0.22%335,83810/14/16
T-BondZBZ16 (Dec '16)163-04-1-27-1.12%293,94410/14/16

2-Year T-NoteZTZ16 (Dec '16)109-012+0-002+0.01%262,37210/14/16
CornZCZ16 (Dec '16)354-2+4-6+1.36%260,82810/14/16
EurodollarGEZ16 (Dec '16)99.0650+0.0050+0.01%250,50810/14/16
Nasdaq 100 E-MiniNQZ16 (Dec '16)4,804.25+8.25+0.17%234,80310/14/16

Today's performance leaders (Tuesday 18 October 2016)

Live Cattle+1.59%
Feeder Cattle
Natural Gas
New Zealand Dollar
Crude Oil Brent
ULSD NY Harbor
Mexican Peso
Soybean meal


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