Friday, September 30, 2016

Bonus while they bone us

The largest executive bonuses c. 2009

This is seven years ago so not an accurate indicator of the current climate but suffice to say, it is still staggering. The top bonuses of all time at that time were paid to the same chief executives: 

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ExecutiveCompanyAmount(s) (millions)Year
Lawrence CossGreen Tree Financial Corp69,65,28.51996,1995,1994
Steve JobsApple432001
Bob R.SimpsonXTO Energy35.5,31x22007,2006,2005
Robert TollToll Brothers30.4,272004,2005
Sheldon AdelsonLas Vegas Sands302004
Lloyd BlankfeinGoldman Sachs27,26.92006,2007
Kenneth PasternakKnight Capital Group262000
Stuart A. MillerLennar21.52005
William P. Foley IIFidelity National Financial212006
Rupert MurdochNews Corp212006


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