Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trade blows

It stands to reason that retail would mirror wholesale, otherwise who are those large distributors supplying? The retail giants are mainly from the US, Germany and France.
And then we have the UK, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Russia, Chile, China (making its first appearance at #57), Portugal, Italy, Finland, Austria, Thailand, Norway, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, UAE, Bermuda, New Zealand, Croatia and the Philippines.

The industries, too, are familiar: the size of the retailer does not necessarily reflect the size of their stores as there is plain old supermarket nestled next to 'hypermarket/supercenter/superstore', 'cash & carry/warehouse club' recalls those cash & carry's appearing on the distributor list, 'discount store' 'home improvement' and 'department store' are self-explanatory, while 'non-store' reminds us that it's not all bricks and mortar, 'drug store/pharmacy' and 'electronics specialty' are again among the top suppliers, 'convenience/forecourt store' reminds us that corner shops still exist, only now as "7-11s" and 'apparel/footwear specialty' justifies our focus on shoes in the previous post. Despite all this, 'other specialty' appears a number of times.


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