Thursday, May 19, 2016

Recent Resellers

As with our previous synonyms - seller, vendor, supplier - there is a shade of difference between resale and retail, and resellers and retailers.

The website I've chosen to show this is one that lists the biggest resellers in the UK, regardless of company headquarters.

Image result for computacenter
  1. Computacenter
  2. SCC
  3. Softcat
  4. BT
  5. Kelway
  6. Capita
  7. Insight
  8. XMA
  9. Misco
  10. Dimension Data
  11. Kcom*
[*dropped out of the previous year's top ten]

Now, apart from learning about VaR, or Value at Risk, as we newly learneds like to say, I did wonder whether the slant of this list meant that software and supplies were the biggest resellers of any description, or whether I had missed the distinction.
Certainly they seem officebound


Could you speak of reselling cows or their milk? Who is the quartz reseller or does it go straight to the jeweller or interior designer?
It's topical so I'll milk it for all it's worth: Milk suppliers and distributors are different from dairy farmers mostly; except where the companies whose milk products appear on the shelves have a combination of dairies they own and supplies they source from other outlets - farmers.


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