Saturday, April 30, 2016

What do you make of it?

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Automotive is the dominant motive for manufacture, even if there are more manufacturers producing items under the general heading 'engineering, various'

Electronics, as to be expected, is also a large field of endeavour. There are sixteen automotive giants and two making ancillary 'automotive components', twenty three 'engineering, various' and seventeen electronic.
Nine companies producing pharmaceuticals and nine chemicals, while ten ubercompanies make steel and ten something they can label 'food & beverages'. Five companies have hitched their wagon to 'aerospace & defence' with a couple more in just 'defence', four hook us up with telecommunications equipment, three make sure we've got new tyres, two tobacco while the rest are designated consumer goods, consumer durables, personal care products, hospital equipmentconstruction equipment, building materials, metals, aluminium and luxury goods.

A puzzling category is 'investment' as that sounds like a tertiary activity; in the same vein as banking. The Italian Exor are twelfth largest manufacturer and list under this category so what is their activity?

Some single categories are so because one company has a monopoly. A case in point is Johnson & Johnson.
The Body Shop are almost bottom feeders by comparison.


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