Sunday, October 20, 2013


What is likely to follow the warmest winter and record hot summer days this year? How about bush fires threatening. Fires that have already destroyed nearly two hundred homes - though our risk is the Mt Victoria fire according to my partner on the ground. We are currently surrounded by places that have been affected, and so many fires so close that we can only hope are routed and stopped from joining. Bushfire brigade has had to do some serious backburning to avoid that happening; which must carry it's own risk.  I haven't been on the Great Western Highway, even though our street runs onto it (thankfully, as a result of the roadworks, we have a slip road to get us to the village). The fire engines that were continuous on the first day have stopped.

We have so far survived what has taken people's houses.

Our holiday away at Ettalong Beach will have to wait.


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