Monday, October 07, 2013

Hardy Ha ha

Blogging about humour without using humour, fair enough. I like the whole enterprise of raising a giggle, but I do note its prevalence and the way it has spilled over into presentation and gathered at discovery. The way that jest is used to sell product  and scoffing at institutions long enough threatens to raise new ones in their place. 

Sometimes I would like a more sober exchange on things that concern us at any given time, and for the longer period. It's not that I mean to be a buzzkill; I just think there are times when derision only does half the job. We could just keep replacing one tyranny with the next. In fact, that seems to be the way conventional politics and governance works.

I have some sympathy with the sticklers of yore when it comes to comedy - it is better to sit down and discuss the problem than to constantly make light of it, and better to seek a resolution than rely solely on mockery to sustain us.

Not that the sardonic hardarse has no role to play in setting the course, just that there must be others on the journey.


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