Saturday, October 12, 2013

Played your ism

Nothing remotely funny about distilling from a distance the creative capital that should reward its originator. It just got me thinking how different that sketch from last entry would look after an edit. Writers who can bowdlerise are ready to turn your wayward but inspired piece into a streamlined but stolen work.

Some of the more blatant cases in other fields such as music do make me wonder if the idea is to become so rich that, by the time your copyright theft is uncovered, you can continue, while the obscure composer is unlikely to ever reach the heights of fame and fortune, even with compensation.

Regardless of the flakes who haunt creative channels, we need to keep on going as artists with stories to tell and visions to bring to life. If we allow our artistic output and our creative control to be usurped by intellectual property theft then we're letting them win. Sure, they're going to run out of material without artisans and entrepreneurs sketching their plans and blueprints but too much damage is done to those whom they leech off, in the meantime.


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