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Australia Daily Chinese Language News
Barrier Daily Truth
Central Western Daily
Daily Advertiser
The Daily Examiner
Daily Express
Daily Liberal
Daily Mail
Daily Mercury
Daily News
Daily News (WA)
Daily Sun
Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph (Tas)
Daily Telegraph (Vic)
Tweed Daily News
Warwick Daily News

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Friday, February 08, 2019


I thought of gazettes as being newspapers and have been called such in England and France since the 17th century but it as early as 1665 that The Oxford Gazette came to indicate a public journal of the government. It later changed its name to The London Gazette. Other publications like Royal Thai Government Gazette (1851) serve the same function.

 The government of the United Kingdom requires government gazettes of its member countries. Publication of the Edinburgh Gazette, the official government newspaper in Scotland, began in 1699. The Dublin Gazette of Ireland followed in 1705, but ceased when the Irish Free State seceded from the United Kingdom in 1922; the Iris Oifigiúil (Irish: Official Gazette) replaced it. The Belfast Gazette of Northern Ireland published its first issue in 1921.

Australian gazettes

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It's looking more and more likely that the major distinguishing feature of The Gentleman's Magazine is that it was the first to call itself a magazine.

The journals and gazettes that preceded it differ more in what they were called or the size of their audience or whatever other theory a good paper can come up with.

They were prestigious nonetheless with a distinguished role call of authors associated with the periodical.

Journals are free to roam back before their existence through website Sixteenth Century Journal

 Le Journal des Sçavans is generally cited as the first scientific journal (1665)

 The neatest encapsulation is this lesson in literary development where we are reminded not only of Shakespeare and Milton and Aphra Behn but as they put it, perhaps to put us in the moment, 'English arrives in North America 1608'. This was the year of King Lear and a year prior to Avisa Relation oder Zeitung

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Earlier eighteenth century periodicals (but not magazines) were The Spectator (1711-14) and Vetusta Monumenta, illustrated antiquarian papers at intermittent levels (1718-1906)

while The London Magazine (1732-1785), The Bee (1733-1735), Lloyds List (1734 and still going strong) and The Scots Magazine (1739-1826) all followed hot on its heels.

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The next questions to ask, if we do want to adopt a mode of inquiry as seems appropriate to the subject, are "What was in that first ever magazine?" "What was in that first journal that made it philosophical and/or literary?" "What was in the magazines and journals published between 1663 and 1731 that made them still specialist and where did they branch off from more philosophical or literary concerns?" "What made The Gentleman's Magazine general [in a way that none were before]?"

Johann von Rist was the author responsible for much of the content of  Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen which ran from 1663 to 1668. Rist was a poet and theologian and the title of the magazine translates as 'Edifying Monthly Discussions'

It is a good thing for the history books that Le Mercure Galant is described as the first fashion journal (1672) as "the gazette (which appeared irregularly) featured poems, anecdotes, news, marriages, gossip, theatre and art reviews, songs, and fashion reviews."