Monday, January 29, 2018

PopAds and popular adds

If you didn't know better, you would think that pop-up advertising is a terrific comedown after videos, games and TV but those who have posted things on YouTube will know that these pop under ads are a real bonus as you can have them appear on your video and earn money.

PopAds appears at number 60 on Alexa listings.

The Next Web (those guys again) do a reasonable breakdown of what's to like and loathe about pop-ups.
Earning Guys give us their list of the best pop-up networks; the best pop-up being pop under, though they don't take their own advice:

  1. Adsterra
  2. Propeller Ads
  3. PopAds
  4. ClickAdu
  5. Ad-Maven
  6. Popcash
  7. Adcash
  8. exoClick
  9. RevenueHits
  10. Ero Advertising
  11. Galaksion
  12. Clicksor
  13. PopUnder Total
  14. PopMyAds

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Black T, chords and dBs

Just as Twitch makes its first appearance on our list under video sharing, so IMDb - which I consult regularly - is under the entertainment umbrella. Its descriptor, however, is Film, TV show and video game database and that's just interesting enough to list some more



Video Game

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Methodology and melody

It's true that you could get better data by looking at more recent subject matter when evaluating Australian directories, Q&A sites, Aussie auction sites,  or local news and weather.

These are doubtless written on blog rolls across the land. I've not yet noted how the most popular technology sites also happen to be major blogs and run by successful bloggers. That's unlikely to be a coincidence; however retro we try to go, there's no escaping the pull of technology, even if it's just access issues when trying to list a Valiant ute.


Twitch TV also gets a repeat mention as, more specifically than broadcasting entertainment, they stream games. (Alexa 50, SimilarWeb 76) leads in popularity but do we then go to other sites that stream games or just other sites that stream generally? I can quickly answer that by reporting that Best Streaming (without going into detail about genre or purpose) looks like that list of shared video and film sites we did a few posts back so, while I think we've touched on gaming once or twice, it's worth joining in as a casual player.
PC Mag deal with this even though they call their article 'Twitch and Beyond: The Best Video Game Streaming Services' and test just four of the biggest streaming platforms for gamers.
YouTube Gaming
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Catalogue each class of clog

Video sharing and entertainment portals have been viewed and there would be a fair argument that, along with photo sharing and frivolous social media, we can say we've included streaming and move on.

I'm not going to do that. Nor am I going to neglect wikis, website traffic statistics, classified advertising or booking engines. Exciting stuff

First I want to take stock of that latest crop of themes: what is the worst or most misleading directory? most erratic erotica? which are the dodgy auction sites? who's dragging behind in technology*? which site is bad at answering questions or gives you inaccurate news or weather that's not updated?

*this was often equated with bad(ly designed) websites, despite PC World's claim in the same 2006 article It's so easy, in fact, we can't help doing it ourselves. So as venture capitalists scramble to throw money at anything labled Ajax or Web 2.0, and Web publishing becomes so simple that anyone with a working mouse hand can put up a site, we offer our list of the 25 worst Web sites of all time.
Technology continues to have fails, according to Tom's Guide in this list of 2017 misfires

It's true that listing directories that are bad to click on does leave out the possibility of considering what the worst Austin lorry (to give them their original name) directories might be. I'd wager there's not enough current interest to bother wondering which are the worst Austin drivers' blog directories. We might be battling to get enough Austin lorry drivers blogging to need to rank them by relevance, information and entertainment value; never mind assigning a directory to the purpose.
There's a practical reason for that, the end date of 1956. There's the impracticality of employing such an old utility when carting rocks and dirt, vegetation, hay, [when the bin's on] grain - when there are tax concessions and built in business costs that allow for a semi-trailer some sixty years more recent in vintage. Why would you use an old truck#, either not covered by insurance or more expensive, where you have to worry about carrying or sourcing spare parts, drive slower? No, this hobby or interest would be better employed in novelty events and shows or polished at home where no one is watching.
#[we called Rosie a truck and she was an Austin]


In getting into parochial spirit for four days' time, let's limit our ambition to another truck we had on the farm, the green Bedford duly named Clover. So the best Australian directory for Bedford trucks may be revealed on BusAustralia Australian Transport Discussion Board. 
The best place locally to buy a Bedford  

What technology is used in trucks built in 2017

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Queue and a Q&A

Q&A sites aren't the only ones we go to for answers. As we've already seen, this function has been a feature of newsgroups, message boards, social media. We can ask Siri or Google 'What is an Austin truck?' if not 'How do I drive an Austin truck?'

Perhaps ASOS can sell us something about who to buy an Austin truck from (or perhaps not) or Magento will have something about who to buy one for. Nope, despite the fact "Magento now powers 26 percent of all ecommerce sites in the Alexa top one million sites list; more than any other ecommerce platform."
They do have a lot of situations vacant on Glassdoor though, if you're looking.

Funny or Die proves that entertainment sites don't handle questions. They promote tours.

Yahoo on Youtube. No time to ask whether Yahoo screen has anything about why you should (or shouldn't) buy an Austin truck.

Search engines have always been a place to ask questions and forward queries but, if you can't enclose the phrase - or, in this case, question - in inverted commas, you are likely to get only related searches and then barely that. A search on AOL Search reveals truck driver jobs in Austin, Texas. It has nothing in the first set of suggestions about 'Who drives an Austin truck?'
To be fair though, Google doesn't have answer for this one and brings up a similar list, with or without quotations. How about "Who drives Austin trucks?" Any better? No. Did I imagine we had an Austin truck on the farm? At this point you'd just put the general term 'Austin trucks' in the search engine and hope for the best
Here we'll go along with Amazon and eBay as being search engines as our browser provides those options. My guess is that it is a long defunct manufacturer and you have to look in the right place to find those old trucks.


We can't ask Aardvark 'Where can I drive my Austin truck?' because they were bought out by Google. able2know has two pages, the first of which is gibberish, with the only promising information being the ad telling us that we can buy Austin trucks on eBay, but we already know that.

Answerbag has the questions and answers to What was the Coolest Car or Truck you have Owned? and What was the first car you owned, and what do you remember about it? Both mention Austin cars from the nineteen sixties.

You need to log into The AnswerBank to ask the question but a search under the Motoring category does bring up a quiz in which a few respondents mention the Austin Princess. My guess: it's a car, not a truck.

Answerly, AnybodyOutThere, Askville  and Mahalo look to be also defunct. Friendfeed was bought out by Facebook.

A search on Ask Deb is only going to bring up questions that others have asked before, hence no 'What does it take to drive an Austin truck?' so what about 'When were Austin trucks around?', 'Why drive an Austin truck?' We're not getting very far here so perhaps Deb can bring us some mention of Austin trucks at least. Well, even a generic search brings us the solitary What is "Music Row?" and tells us, if we scroll down far enough, that Even today, Austin, Texas has a vibrant “Texas country” music scene, where country artists perform songs influenced not by the sounds coming out of Nashville and music row, but by country music acts of a previous generation. These country music artists tend to distance themselves from the Nashville country music scene. Red herring, not the red truck I remember.

Ask Me Help Desk want you to fill out the sections before you can ask the question, stating what steps you have taken to find an answer. Belaying all that, there's a ragtag of questions that arise when Austin trucks are mentioned

Search: Search took 0.01 seconds.

  1. How to maintain honda accord after 100K miles

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Results 1 to 5 of 6 
Fuck all to do with trucks, Austin or otherwise.
Blurt it doesn't have an answer for How much can you fit on an Austin truck? and for How much does an Austin truck weigh? it refers us to truck weight scales on, How Much Does A Truck Weigh - Get the Top 10 Results Now on, and a couple of references to truck scales. But these are ads. 
If you go on Fun advice you'd better have time on your hands. To the question 'What does an Austin truck weigh?' we have 2056 questions found in 0.001 seconds, only trouble is the first range of questions are 
What should I weigh?
When you weigh yourself do you go by what you weigh with your shoes on or off?
If I weigh 113 pounds, how much do I weigh in kilograms?
How wide is a fire truck?
How much does a boob weigh?
What are trucks called in London?
What does the capital dome weigh?
How old are you and how much do you weigh?
How do people weigh a lot but look like they weigh nothing?
How much does Shakira weigh?
How much does a human brain weigh?
How much should I weigh [if I am about 5ft 3in how much should I weigh]?
Where in Michigan can a felon drive a truck?
If you're 13 and you weigh 115 are you fat?
How much does the Statue of Liberty weigh?
What trucking school can a felon go to? [^asking for a friend. see question 13]
How much did Marilyn Monroe weigh?
How much do the Jonas Brothers weigh?
Is it true that muscle weighs more than  fat?

and on it goes.

I personally think Twitter gets enough attention and, in any case, isn't able to answer 'Where can I weigh my Austin truck?' When I just put in a general search it brings up Austin Food Trucks. Not the same thing. 

Wiki Answers is a minefield. Don't look up as there's a warning that the owner has failed to secure it. You want which is owned by the Answers Corporation who also own So now you know. Oh and it filed for bankruptcy late last year.
For all that, it still has the most accurate search result for 'When should I weigh my Austin truck?'!

In Yahoo! Answers the ads talk accurately enough about truck weighing and scales but the questions 'How can I weigh my Austin truck?' bring up don't point us in the right direction; instead we have:
  • How much would $1,000,000.00 weigh (in pennies)?
  • C-section vs. natural birth....ladies who have had either/or?
  • We are looking for erotic bakery in Austin Texas for a dirty thirty party
  •  Is the trans texas corridor good for texas?
  • Desperate dog, stupid(me) human, negligent owner(boyfriend) HELP!!? 
which is surprising because I thought it would be one of the more reliable ones.
Finally, apart from The Next Web giving us multiple sites that are either closed or unreliable, they miss the site that drove us here in the first place - Stack Overflow [49 on Alexa, 93 on SimilarWeb] and a site that often comes up when I enter search queries framed as questions; Quora [140 Alexa, 89 SimilarWeb]
Stack Overflow has zero results for 'How does an Austin compare with other trucks?' while the 56 results that come up when you put in Austin truck might yield little either.  
Quora, boldly declaring their motto is 'The best answer to any question' I'll simply ask (except you need to log in) "Do they still make Austin trucks?".

When we put this query into the search engine the first site that comes up is Wikipedia and we get a whole history of the Austin Motor Company and how it originated in Great Britain.
As for Quora, it depends on how you frame the question, or what question you ask "Do they still make Austin trucks?" takes us to those blasted food trucks in Austin TX, "What vehicles did the Austin Motor Company manufacture?" isn't marginally more helpful at first blush but it does swerve us off onto other vehicles and it is then that we realise the Austin Motor Company in Birmingham is mentioned

What does BMW stand for? - Updated 2018 - Quora
Jun 13, 2016 - is a Germanluxury vehicles, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. ... and the car which launched BMW on the road to automobile production was theDixi, based on the Austin 7 and licensed from the Austin Motor Company in Birmingham, England. .... Originally Answered: What does BMW mean?
Why did British Leyland fail? | Cars and Automobiles
8 Jun 2017
What is the name of worlds first car maker?
21 Mar 2017
How to make an electric car manufacturing start-up like Tesla
11 Mar 2016
Do CEOs of car companies drive cars from other car companies?
31 Jul 2015
More results from

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New sand weathered


    Image result for australian realism
  1. Yahoo! News
  2. Google News
  3. Huffington Post
  4. CNN
  5. New York Times
  6. Fox News
  7. NBC News
  8. Mail Online
  9. Washington Post
  10. The Guardian


  1. National Weather Service
  2. AccuWeather
  3. Intellicast
  5. WeatherSpark
  6. Excite Weather
  7. The Weather Network
  9. BBC Weather
  10. Weatherbug
  Image result for weatherbug