Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Upping the Anti

The NGOs are fairly negative when it comes down to it and none more illustrate this than the list of 'anti-' organisations.

Animus Association Foundation opposes violence by definition in its charter but it is mainly set up to support the victims in all the ways that might entail. Implicit disapproval of some types of behaviour is not only unavoidable, it's necessary.

By possessing an enigmatic name, the cause becomes acceptable, the measures sensible.

By contrast, the Anglican Young People's Association doesn't have to declare its agenda; it shines as brightly as a beacon.

We must mention 'empowerment' and 'strengthening' before entering the valley of the NGOs that wear their antis on their sleeve. We find it in the charter of ANKURAM

Anti Corruption Solidarity Group/ Gabungan Solidaritas Anti Korupsi
Anti Drug Abuse Association of Zimbabwe
Anti Narcotics Welfare Organization
Anti Narcotics Co-ordinating Center
Anti Sex Trafficking Action
Anti-Slavery International
Anti Smoking Society Qatar
Anti Terrorism Force
Anti Trafficking Centre
Anti-drug volunteer association of Klong Toey slum
Anti-AIDS Charitable Youth Fund
Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda
Anti-Corruption Committee
Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine
Anti-Corruption Front
Anti-Corruption Gateway for Europe and Eurasia
Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa
Anti-Corruption Justice and Information Center - Ngororero
Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Foundation, Inc
Anti-Drug Association of Somalia
Anti-Drug Association of Argentine Republic
Anti-Drugs Association
Anti-Drugs Association of Mongolia
Anti-Narcotics Association
Anti-Slavery Project
Anti-Violence Network of Georgia
Anticorruption Business Council


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