Saturday, August 23, 2014

Diss emanation

The country code may not be one we want to decipher; too busy discerning other directions in our day to
day. This nation's saving grace assumes a commonality of purpose or implies we should adopt one. In a postmodern and multicultural society living in the twenty first century, this is debatable.

I know the character of my nation by virtue of being a part of that character. Start talking about too many exceptions and the meaning one has attributed to the nation and its pursuits crumbles. It doesn't matter which global trend you embrace or ironic NY singlet you wear, it starts to make the average citizen only nominally a part of their landscape or sense of place.

I like the laconic and marking the character of different times. Australia means so many things to me but I hold these within. If others want to postulate further on our Aussie traditions, let them.


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