Sunday, June 29, 2014

Built environment

I'm not as convinced by megalopolises. They don't even have to be on a common landmass; if you go wide enough, the Blue Banana contains Manchester and Amsterdam. Exhibit B appears when you realise what 'East Coast' denotes; you may have to refine your search to find an entry on this banal sounding stretch but when you do, you realise they mean our East Coast (and you don't get Europe when you search for 'Green Banana' or 'New Banana')

Anyone whose driven the couple of thousand kilometres covered by this designation will start to think that megalopolis must have a very loose definition. It covers Melbourne-Geelong up to Sydney-Newcastle and on to South East Queensland (SEQ) which links the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with the capital Brisbane. SEQ has been coined the 200 km city or 'Noosangatta' (Noosa-Coolangatta)


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