Monday, February 18, 2008

Right Off

I can't help but musing whether the Right aren't seriously like the guy we parked next to at the Lawson Markets. He had a normal cute dog in the cab but his vehicle was adorned with xenophobic stickers like 'We grew here you flew here' and another one a map of Australia and the forceful and dimwitted legend 'Fuck off we're full'. He then committed the trifecta for right wing boorishness by having some anti-greenie stickers on the back and something about riding cowgirls.

I almost wished he had come back to the car park when we were there so I could rattle him a little. I get the feeling - and this too may be a generalisation - that these thugs get away with it because there's nobody to stand up to them. The left are too busy being pacifists or weak, or both.

I am born of (at a guess) fourth or fifth generation Australians on my mother's side and I 'grew here' but my father really did get off the boat - in the fifties. So I am able to see both sides. I can also remember what a whitebread underpopulated monoculture was like. It was as lacking as Mr non-PC Sticker.


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