Thursday, January 17, 2008

08 there's more

I didn't mind 2007 as much as some and it certainly finished well. Now we have a Minister of Environment, Heritage, and the Arts who has prefigured every criticism we've ever had of politicians in the lyrics he sang out front of the band. Give me Midnight Oil over big oil any day.

Speaking of astute politics

Fifty year old Jello

Hard to believe that the lead singer of the (real) Dead Kennedys is now 50 years old. Perhaps, taking this positively, radical politics isn't just a young man's game anymore.

I was a fan of the earliest punk - from Perth to London and points inbetween - but no band articulated their position on the way the world really is better than the Dead Kennedys and, much as I love the musicianship in that band, it is Jello Biafra who defined this uncompromising political stance. Happy birthday you old bugger!


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