Friday, September 14, 2018

Write wing

Having explored every facet of books and their production without studying them, let's see if we can go through the process in a desperate attempt to uncover the way to get my second career going (third if you separate records management from administration) if nothing else.

Our hypothetical writer in this case is inspired by the news that, with the change of government in late 2013, fibre to the premises national broadband network (NBN) is being replaced by boxes in the street that will then use copper wire to take the signal from there to the houses. Fibre to the node as it's called. There's also fibre to the curb and people who have it probably want to kick it to the kerb
Anyone who is versed in niche marketing knows to look slightly beyond the obvious so our topic here isn't broadband Internet of whatever potency. Author wonders instead whether there's been much written on copper wiring; in all its uses.
S/he then decides either to research the market or dive straight in to mapping out a book and doing the necessary reading to help with this structure and content. This may quickly extend to interviewing those who work with copper wire to get their insights.

Once the project is underway, the budding author has to find an agent who will take the finished work to prospective publishers or pitch to them prior to completion so there's a contract already lined up. The writer may use a proofreader and then the publisher who accepts the manuscript may have an in-house editor whom they will also work with.
So it's published, there's a book launch and it goes into the shops. Libraries decide that copper wire is not going away; in fact a recent report spoke of something being many times faster again than the troubled rollout. Using copper wire. Or was that sapphire wire?
They purchase a copy for their shelves.

It fills a spot for those in the industry or related endeavour not covered by radio broadcast, TV program, website, message board, social media, blog or whatever other form of communication between writer and reader there is. Wanting information on copper wire and its uses no longer means you'll grudgingly go and buy the book from a technical book store. You might browse through the one in the library and remember the bits to look up later.
Given that there are still a number of technical books published, there's probably no cause for alarm yet.

Depending on the finished output, working title Conducting Ourselves, it might find its way into class reading lists


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