Sunday, January 08, 2017

Did you say Windex?

Wikipedia (a free site that allows public editing so perhaps not the ultimate authority on the subject) goes on to repeat those same indices but this time grouped by equity: energy, electronic, environment and clean energy, finance, raw materials, metals, technology sector, real estate, space and water.

That alone is enough to take in; separating finance on other things that are reveue-raising or of a mercantile nature, figuring out why 'electronic' and 'technology sector' are different or need a different index even if there's overlap, "Hang on, aren't metals raw materials?" "Do we just use a different index because metals take up such a large part of the capital floating out there?",
there's an index for (outer) space, "Is water a raw material?"
I'm also interested in the environment and clean energy indices, both because of how exciting that is, and because of the faith there is that commerce can get onboard with something that encourages harnessing resources we already have at minimum cost (in all respects)

I don't see much profit in repeating them all ad nauseum so I'll note some highlights. There are but four indices grouped under Energy and three of those are international

  1. Alternative Energy Index
  2. Amex Oil Index
  3. Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index
  4. Philadelphia Oil Service Index
You'll see why I keep baulking at electronics when I tell you that Amex has five indices, Dow Jones has four, Oslo and Stockholm have a three apiece and there are more companies indexing electronics I'm sure we've covered by now.

Environment and Clean Energy must be harnessing a different kind of energy as it also has just four indices


Real Estate comprises CBV Real Estate Index, four Dow Jones indices (no, I can't bring myself to refer to 'indexes'), and six Wilshire indices

It's lonely out in space with only the Space Foundation Index for company.



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