Saturday, April 23, 2016

Oiled up, gassed up, not watered down but well aired/With all the precious metals oh and phosphate

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The largest cluster of giant oil and gas fields are in the Persian Gulf and the Western Siberian Basin.

The most potable water can be found in Brazil or, to phrase it like the source, Brazil heads the ten largest renewable fresh water countries

The most arable land is the United States of America

The largest coal mines in the world are the North Antelope Rochelle Mine and Black Thunder Mine, both in the United States.

The country with the cleanest air is Iceland

Countries producing the most timber are either 'United States, India and China' or 'United States, Russia and Canada' depending on who you consult (presumably in the pages of pulped wood) but USA has got wood either way

The largest gold producing country is currently China but for many years it was South Africa.

Mexico is the world's largest silver producer

Australia is the biggest iron ore producer

Chile rolls the copper out

Kazakhstan replaced Canada as the largest uranium producer in the world while China reconfirms its giant status by producing far more phosphate in 2015 than any other country. It has the second-largest phosphate supply after Morocco and the Western Sahara


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