Saturday, April 18, 2015

Make a scene w. a magazine

It seems there's a magazine for every interest and you can tell the relative popularity by the number on the stands or in the racks. Perhaps car magazines define a demographic as much as organic farming magazines do.

Despite all the rampant technology that we're tripping over one way or another, glossy magazines still hold their appeal. I put this down to a tactile response. We're subconsciously responding to the physical aspect, the turning of the page and holding something rather than viewing it through a prism.

I grew up with a mixture of women's magazines and men's magazines. It was like that. I don't know what I thought of Sporting Shooter and Two Wheels being male domains. I know I was a sponge for all the writing styles and layout even if I didn't realise it.
Australian Woman's Weekly had some great comic strips; the part I was interested in. But I' read columnists; if I thought about it, I probably inherited my grandfather's omnivorous reading habits.

I'm not saying I'll rush out to buy magazines containing advice columnists but I've been known to read a few if they were lying around.

Magazines focus their gaze on the other media as often as not. TV magazines, movie magazines, music magazines, magazines about reading and writing, abound. Magazines encourage craft and self-reliance. Magazines pander to fads and hopeless completists.


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