Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Re: public of Doyle

The mountains have spoken and we have returned to Labor here with Trish Doyle winning the seat on her second attempt.

We still have a Baird government but that was expected. I actually got on quite well with Roza Sage; we were nodding acquaintances due to her many railway station stakeouts trying to drum up continued support. I wouldn't say this to just any Liberal politician but I happened to remark once "Lovely to see you Roza" and so got a good reception after that.

I think we have the best of the state coalition governments and the last time the ALP were in office there was rampant corruption and much of the kind of things that this government's detractors are railing against.

They did lose a few seats though, no analysis on the federal factor.

The best news, for my money, is that the Greens have gone from having one seat to FOUR. Given that two of those seats were former National Party strongholds, the coal seam gas factor is significant, with farmers aligning with environmentalists.


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