Thursday, January 16, 2014

Newcastle street song


RD Bishop
James Hannell
James Hannell
David Ludlow
George Wallace
Samuel Chapman
Joseph Creer
Thomas Brooks
William Laing
Stewart Keightley
CW Morgan
John Thorn

and there are forty more sans-lord mayors so I'm not going to list them all here.

WJ Ellis was mayor at the time of federation, if that counts for anything. "Repeat mayors" were John Christian Reid (1909-10, 1914), Robert George Kilgour (1915,1918-19,1921,1924,1934), Robert Gibson (1920,1927-28) and Henry Cornish (1922-23, 1926).

Lord Mayor

Harry Quinlan
Frank Purdue
Tom Armstrong
Frank Purdue
Douglas McDougall
Charles Jones
 Douglas McDougall
Ernest Dunkley
Frank Purdue
Douglas McDougall
Gordon Anderson
Joy Cummings
Gordon Anderson
Joy Cummings
John McNaughton
Greg Heys
John Tate
Jeff McCloy


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