Sunday, March 10, 2024

Rept. isles

Are reptiles - our next most abundant species - fully and fairly represented? Or are some still hiding under rocks, camouflaged? Let's go outside and look.

I would note that they are still very much of interest and a zombie crocodile park lurks further up (don't ask) as a risk when, naturally, there would be an abundance of native reptiles in that very area; along with other wildlife.

Regardless of our interest in observing them, being scared or startled by them, or any in an array of encounters, they are a natural to our sunburnt country. 

To resolve the old argument we have with Americans over their habit of calling tortoises turtles, we need to look at the orders of reptiles and, lo and behold, testudines which includes both but the common term in brackets is - turtles. So perhaps it doesn't hurt not to distinguish.

As for crocodilian.

But the biggest order, taking in skinks, geckos, snakes.. is Order Squamata, or scaled reptiles
[legless lizards, dragons, monitors..]

Friday, March 08, 2024

Fishing for complements

So we seem to be short a few fish (oh no groan the remaining readers) but, don't worry, if I find more that aren't the fifth name for one already listed in either freshwater or saltwater, I'll add them to those posts.