Monday, June 13, 2022

There's a space

Victoria park


Monday, June 06, 2022

Albanese time

Interrupting broadcasting to announce that (thank all that's wholly) Anthony Albanese is the new Prime Minister, having defeated the hapless horror, Scott Morrison. Deputy Prime Minister is Richard Marles, whom I know little of but am certain will be better than the drunken philanderer, Barnaby Joyce, who, despite comfortably winning his seat (as did the Member for Cook), has been deposed as leader of his party a second time. The new National party leader is David Littleproud

Liberal party ranks diminished; the other contender, Josh Frydenberg, having lost his seat, the new and wholly unappealing opposition leader is Peter Dutton

The Leader of the Government in the Senate is Penny Wong, who is already calming the Pacific not more than a fortnight into the job as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

In other heartening news, my home state was greatly responsible for turning the tide and in the former conservative stronghold of Queensland a record four Greens were elected to the lower house.

United Australia Party, the latest vanity project with morals to match of Clive Palmer, was unable to spam us into submission and Pauline Hanson lost her seat in the Senate.

[*edit: it looked like she had lost her seat. Not so, as we are now finding with her aggressive stance on indigenous issues.] original post 6/6/2022 this edit 29/7/2022

Saturday, June 04, 2022


"So many national parks in this country" you may say but this is only the national parks and reserves of the colony of New South Wales; after losing Van Diemen's Land, South Australia, New Zealand, Victoria, and Queensland.

Many of the nature reserves and conservation areas are within driving distance of Canberra and I found this list within the Australian Capital Territory: