Friday, October 25, 2019

Break in transmission

As it's been a couple of months and Canberra's not that far away, I thought I better give blog readers with an interest in radio a head's up. It gets no more complicated than me being crap at HTML tables to contain the large number of New South Wales stations there have been.
What makes this more disconcerting is that I'm the owner of two websites, neither of which are as effective as this here Drink it Black

So, while we''re filling in time, I like to keep just enough reference to the times to serve as some marker and place the reader. I may be puzzled and hurt that, after the government committing all the sins of Budget Emergency, leadership instability, perceived and actual corruption, foreign dealings, the country chose to validate the latest one to scramble to the top; Scott Morrison erstwhile treasurer and sometime evangelical. He would be no match if the real Malcolm Turnbull had showed up but that was always going to be a harder task for the parliamentary leader of the Liberal National Party coalition to pull off. At least, when Labor are not so chastened, they're going with government and not brooking much opposition at all. 'Understandable' but will there be one to elbow Albo (out of the way) if he doesn't get the unions, the student radicals, the public servants, the changed demographic such as farmers who've clashed with mining concerns?
Bill Shorten's big vision didn't come to fruition, we know that much.

Boris Johnson, for a seeming oaf, has been both Lord Mayor of London and now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He's encharged with handling Brexit, a poison chalice if ever there was.

Donald Trump - and I know this gets bizarro and fabulist in places - a man singularly incapable of understanding the commoner's plight, having been wealthy from birth and allowed to fail at numerous business concerns and rack up debt, was awarded for his rudeness, arrogance and token faith to become President of the United States.
No voter can claim not to know the guy who fired contestants on his TV show The Apprentice, nor have they been spared his more outlandish outbursts. Yet still, here we are.